Jewelry Personalized personalized jewelry include beautiful pieces for women, men and children and are customized with gemstones or birthstones in various colors to give a thoughtful meaning. There are several pendants and necklaces, cuff links, custom bracelets, watches and many others that you can select from. As long as you purchase personalized jewelry for every person you love, you are certainly going to make the gift a memorable one.

3 best friends necklace

Personalized jewelry is one of the precious little things that come in packages as gifts for your loved ones. Whether they are celebrating their birthdays, anniversaries, or other occasions such as holidays, gifting them personalized jewelry show that you have them in mind. Do you have that special person in your life that you want them to know how much they mean to you? Then you should try searching personalized jewelry, where you can get the best of the best!
Here are a few elegant pieces that you can get for that special somebody:

1. Interlocked Heart Necklace with Names and Birthstones
This custom personalized jewelry has 2 interlocked hearts engraved with 2 names and birthstones each which means that it can be personalized with any name of your choice. Made from 0.925 sterling silver, it also comes in 18k rose gold plating and 18k gold plating.
The nice piece is great for couples since their names and birthstones can be engraved on the hearts. The pendants measure about 36 mm x 21 mm and are attached to a rolo chain.

batman necklaces

2. Three Hearts Family Name Necklace
The 3 hearts family necklace is a custom personalized jewelry which has family members’ names engraved on it. It is made from various materials such as sterling silver, 18k rose gold plating and 18k gold plating. On each heart tag, any name of your choice will be engraved on it and it can be worn as a sign of the love you have for your family.
It measures around 16 mm x 15.5 mm and is attached to a rolo chain which comes in different sizes which include 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, and 32″.

3. Heart and Circle Family Necklace for Mothers
Are you looking for in the search for personalized motherhood jewelry? Well, this is one piece you certainly can’t miss. The Heart and Circle Family Necklace is perfect for your family, including your mother because it has “mom” engraved in the circle and 3 other names engraved around the circle. This piece comes in sterling silver, 18k gold plating and 18k rose gold plating; therefore you have the chance to pick the most suitable for you. The good thing about this piece is that a mother can wear it knowing her children or grandchildren’s names would be engraved on it. The pendant measures 3 cm and is attached to a rolo chain of different lengths such as 14″, 16″, 18″, 20″, 22″, and 32″.


If personalized jewelry is your thing, then why not go for personalized jewelry? You certainly would touch someone’s heart with one of the pieces.

Personalized Gold Jewelry Options

Personalized gold jewelry makes a big statement which is only for you. Gifting a piece of custom gold jewelry will definitely make the recipient happy and treasure forever.

personalized gold jewelry
personalized gold jewelry

Types of Personalized Gold Jewelry
When choosing a piece of unique jewelry for yourself or someone else, in another word, you are looking for something that is special and personalized. When selecting a jewelry item, you will surely consider the colors, styles, materials, and types of the jewelry that fit you or your gift receiver. For personalization, there are many choices, such as engraving, name plate, monogramming, initials, infinity, and even more.

Today’s jewelry technology is ever-expanding, and there are so many styles of personalized gold jewelry for you to choose from. From traditional necklaces to modern nipple rings, from classic choker necklaces to fashion body jewelry, all the items can be personalized. What’s more, you will also find that almost all kinds of traditional jewelry can be customized. When browse a personalized jeweler site, i found that almost every kind of necklace can be personalized with engraving, monogramming, birthstones, nameplate or initials. You can nameplate a infinity necklace, get a disc necklace engraved with name, initials, symbols or monograms, a monogrammed necklace can be engraved with birthstones, a name plate necklace can be engraved with a birthstone, a baby foot necklace can be engraved with name, date and birthstones. There are so many choices right? Here are some commonly personalized items for you to choose from:

Necklaces & Pendants
Heart & Locket
Rings & Bands
Bracelets & Bangles
Pins & Brooches

Although necklaces are the most popular jewelry gifts, anklets, body rings, watches, key rings, cufflinks are also searched by with personalization available. For customization, there are generally 3 types: name plate, engraving and monogramming.

monogrammed jewelry
monogram online

Monogrammed Gold Jewelry
Monogram jewelry was used to be a symbol of wearer’s social status and it was first used by the royal families. As time goes by, nowadays people use monogrammed jewelry to express one’s personal style. There are a great amount of choices for monogramming, no matter you are looking for traditional celebrity monogam style or more modern monogram birthstone necklaces.

Monogrammed pendants, necklaces, charms, bracelets and earrings, like those you find on Pinterest, Etsy, GetPersonalizedJewelry, MyNameNecklace. Jewelers are more than happy to customize your items in specific colors, materials, size and fonts. Among all, the gold monogrammed necklace is the most popular choice for women.

Birthstone and monogram necklace
Heart monogram pendant
XXL Large monogram Necklace
Block font monogram bracelet
Monogram engraved bar necklace
Engraved monogram signet ring
Sterling Silver Monogrammed Cuff Bracelet
Rose Gold Monogram Earrings

engraved gold necklace
engraved gold necklace

Engraved Gold Jewelry
Engraved necklaces, bracelets and rings are bestsellers at almost all jewelers when it comes to personalization. People always want to get something meaningful, so they would like to engrave one’s name, date, initials,messages, monograms or the symbols on their jewelry pieces. The following are some of the most popular engraved jewelry items:
Name engraved infinity necklace
engraved gold heart necklace
gold bar necklace engraved
Engraved Gold Roman numeral ring
Monogram engraved disc earrings gold
Birthstone engrvaved Name plate Gold Bracelet

Name Jewelry
Name Jewelry

Name Plate Gold Jewelry
Name jewelry including necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and cufflinks have long been a way to express one’s special fashion style. Today jewelers make thousands of name jewelry styles for you to choose from:
Infinity name necklace, a necklace which features your name in infinity style, looks great in gold. The Personalized Jeweler is generally happy to customize your own name in infinity symbol, it is available in Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

Carrie Name Style. Carrie necklace is the traditional name plate but the most popular one in decades.
Double Name necklace
Small necklace necklace
Gold couple necklace with names
Rose gold Arabic Name bracelet
Roman numeral jewelry
Roman numeral jewelry is a hot type of custom jewelry, and it is available in rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings. Here are some options for you:
Vertical Roman numeral necklace
Personalized Gold roman numeral bracelet
Sterling silver roman numeral ring
Roman numeral earrings in gold

relationship jewelry
relationship jewelry

Relationship Jewelry
Engagement rings, couples necklaces, wedding bands, heart necklaces are top sellers when it comes to relationship jewelry. Boyfriends and girlfriends always want something meaningful with special messages, such as a set of name engraved couple necklace, yin and yang couple necklace and open heart necklace. Popular searchs are as the following:
Yin and yang necklace set
Gold heart necklace set
couples birthstone necklace
Half heart necklace for couples
Batman necklace for couples

Best Friends Jewelry
Best friends jewelry,like necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, are always made up of two more items which can be unified as one. Special nicknames, initials, mesages, phrases, birthstones are usually engraved on the jewelry pieces. The most popular ones are:
Yin yang friendship necklace
Best friends necklace for 3
Best friends heart necklace

Shopping Resources for Personalized Gold Jewelry
Price varies dramatically when purchasing a personalized jewelry item. Solid gold personalized items always cost a lot, but if you have a budget less than $100, you can choose the sterling silver ones. Gold plating jewelry is also very popular which gives gold look but with little budget. The best quality gold plating jewelry would be solid gold plated sterling silver. Which means the core jewelry item is made of sterling silver and plated with solid gold. Here the following are some of the stores you can find personalized jewelry:

In stores:
Key Jewelers

Personalized Boutique
Get Personalized Jewelry
My Name Necklace

Gifting Personalized Jewelry
You can gift a personalized jewelry item to someone for expressing or showing your care and love. When purchase a necklace for someone, you should consider the necklace chain length she would love. When looking for a pair of earrings, you need to check if they are for pierced earrings or not.